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Welcome to 'Repeating Motif Wonderland'

This website shows some repeating motif work made with 'Repeating Motif Generator'.

'Repeating Motif Generator' is my software product for Macintosh user. You can create a repeating motif by selecting some parameters, and you can also save a fragment image that construct the repeating motif. If you set the fragment image to desktop with 'Tile' option, a seamless picture will appear on the desktop. In other words, you can create wallpaper.

This is a sample fragment image which is used as background image of title logo at the top of this page.

repeating motif sample

Software product

Repeating Motif Generator

If you want to download 'Repeating Motif Generator', click 'Download Center' at side bar and goto download page.

'Repeating Motif Generator' is FREE !! Enjoy repeating motif creation.

Repeating Motif Saver

You can also download 'Repeating Motif Saver'. This is a screen saver that shows repeating motif generated automatically. 'Repeating Motif Saver' can save repeating motifs to file that is able to be opened by 'Repeating Motif Generator'.

'Repeating Motif Saver' is FREE too !!

Repeating Motif Viewer

You can also download 'Repeating Motif Viewer'. This is a simple viewer that has simple editing function.

Of cource 'Repeating Motif Viewer' is FREE !!


If you want to see some exsamples, click 'Gallery' at side bar.

Each page has a fragment image and a seamless image.

You can download 'Repeating Motif Generator' document file at each index page. Enjoy arranging it.

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